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Knowledge Management Done Right Can Transform Your Business

Knowledge management done right

Knowledge management done right can transform your business. The impact it can have on your  core metrics, like agent training time, first contact resolution rate, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is incredible, to say the least.


Knowledge management done right can transform your business. And you will hear from ABSA, like Andy mentioned, and you’ll hear about other customers who have deployed knowledge management in interesting and innovative ways. All those stories will be very interesting for you. What I find particularly remarkable about it is the benefit, the impact it can have on your operation and your core metrics.

We’re not talking about a few basis points, we are not talking about a couple of points either. We are talking about reducing training time by 70%, we’re talking about changing FCR by 30%, we’re talking about increasing NPS by 20 points. These are incredible metrics with knowledge management done right.

This video is an extract from a presentation made by eGain CEO, Ashu Roy, at eGain World 2015 in London.