Video | Knowledge-Powered Chatbots Transform Customer Experience

From Virtual Idiots to Virtual Wizards

Forrester predicts a backlash as customers continue to get into conversational dead-ends with chatbots. No wonder a customer called the virtual assistant of a business he was dealing with, a “virtual idiot”!

How can you make sure your chatbot does not meet the same fate? How do you elevate their IQ and expertise with next-generation knowledge? How are blue-chip organizations succeeding with their knowledge-powered chatbots?

This webinar tells you how to convert your virtual assistants from virtual idiots to virtual wizards! With Kate Leggett, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research.


  • Chatbots ranked dead last in customer satisfaction among all digital touchpoints (Source: Consumer survey by Dimensional Research)
  • 54% of online US consumers think that interactions with customer service chatbots will negatively impact the quality of their lives (Source: Forrester Research)
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