Chatbot aka Virtual Assistant for Customer Service, Engagement, and Self-Coaching

Proven AI that delivers quick value

eGain virtual assistants (aka chatbots) deliver quick value with an array of AI technologies: NLU, ML, reasoning. They can hold sales and service conversations, understand intent, guide and coach to successful outcomes, and learn. They have been helping some of the biggest brands in the world for the last two decades.

A financial services client processes over 700,000 chatbot sessions a month A SaaS client has achieved a 67% improvement in time to answer A European telco client has seen a 37% improvement in FCR (first call resolution)

An open and connected solution

The last thing you need now is yet another siloed channel. eGain chatbots are built on an open platform, designed to connect with other eGain or third-party interaction channels and knowledge. The ability to escalate to live chat agents is out of the box.

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