Leading retailer transforms CX and EX with eGain AI Knowledge

Company Overview

A household retail brand, this client is a values-based company with a rich history rooted in outdoor heritage, integrity, service, perseverance, respect, and a commitment to safe and healthy living. The company has evolved over the years, adapting to changing customer expectations and technology advancements. The company’s stakeholder philosophy includes a diverse range of participants, from customers and employees to shareholders, vendors, and communities.


As customer expectations and technology evolved, the omnichannel retailer faced challenges in transforming a call center to a digital-first, omnichannel contact center. The retailer handled well over 2 million customer interactions per year with over 1300 agents on the frontline. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for a digitalized contact center, creating challenges in scaling virtually, training remote agents, and maintaining a high level of customer service during peak seasons.

Partnership with eGain

In 2019, the company recognized the need to maximize its technology investments and partnered with eGain to enhance its customer service capabilities. The initial deployment was limited to email and chat functionality in the eGain Conversation Hub, but the company aimed to “do more with eGain.”


After the initial deployment of chat and email, the retailer added other capabilities in the eGain Conversation Hub, including virtual assistance, proactive offers, social, and notification capabilities, all backed by trusted knowledge in the eGain Knowledge Hub. The company implemented a virtual assistant on its website with context-aware escalation, where needed, to agents. The virtual assistant deflects requests for agent-assisted service, helping the retailer cost-effectively scale customer service during peak seasons.


The virtual assistant achieved a 30% call deflection rate, maintaining solid quality scores. While email deflection showed less success, The notification capability proved valuable for proactive communication with customers, reducing incoming calls and elevating shopper experience. The Knowledge Hub helped improve service quality and experiences for the customer and the agent, while reducing handle times.


The retailer’s partnership with eGain has proven instrumental in overcoming challenges associated with evolving customer expectations and the transition to a virtual contact center. The company acknowledges the complexity of eGain’s platform but highlights the support received from eGain’s managed services team. Looking ahead, the retailer aims to further enhance its capabilities, deploying additional bots, improving virtual assistant interactions, and leveraging new reporting and analytics for better agent productivity insights.

This case study showcases the retailer’s commitment to its core values, customer service innovation, and the strategic partnership with eGain as a catalyst for knowledge-powered digital transformation.

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