5 Mistakes for Retailers to Avoid in the Post-COVID Era

Shift to Digital

Closed due to COVID-19In 2020, retailers grappled with unprecedented challenges, juggling evolving demands with operational disruptions.

Situations didn’t always have clear answers, and what worked yesterday had the potential of becoming a revenue-busting problem by morning.

The one thing that absolutely did happen during the COVID-19 outbreak was that consumers shifted to digital channels in large numbers.


According to the Accenture COVID-19 Consumer Pulse Research, many of those who increased the use of digital-enabled services will persist with them—87% will continue to use contactless payment, 80% will shop again through social media platforms, 84% will keep ordering in-app, and 77% will reuse live chat, chatbots, and voice assistants.

Post-COVID Dilemma

As the post-COVID era slowly begins to roll out, department stores, franchises, warehouse retailers, and supermarket chains are continuing to evolve to meet customers’ changing needs. The Accenture research noted that gaining competitive advantage requires new strategies and hinges on avoiding several common mistakes that can negatively impact customer retention and revenue growth.

Know what the mistakes to avoid are.

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