Modern Knowledge Management and Lean: Online Seminar

The Cure-All for CX and Agent Experience

The challenges facing contact center and customer experience executives have never been greater. At the same time, fresh management approaches and game-changing technologies such as gen AI and modern knowledge management present opportunities to innovate and deliver on the demands from the C-suite.

CX leaders need to navigate challenges such as:

  • Sky-high customer expectations – Customer service expectations are being set by CX trail blazers such as Amazon, not just by your industry peers.
  • The agent crisis – Attracting and retaining contact center talent has never been harder, while the costs of replacing and onboarding, training, and retraining agents is becoming unsustainable.
  • Generative AI now! – While this exciting new technology promises dramatic customer service productivity gains, it also poses huge risks if not implemented right.

Backed by eGain’s award-winning AI and knowledge management solution will help transform your contact center:

  • Elevate CX while slashing operational costs
  • Empower agents with the tools and assistance they need to satisfy today’s demanding customer
  • Improve operational metrics such as successful call deflection, FCR and AHT
  • Learn from real-world transformation stories

Date & time

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 | 11:00 am Pacific Time


Justin Liebstueckel

Justin Liebstueckel
Senior Manager
Porsche Consulting

Evan Siegel

Evan Siegel
VP, Financial Services AI Solutions

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