Messaging in 7 Days™ Offer

Experience the difference!

  • Activate SMS, ABC, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp
  • Respond with eGain Advisor Desktop with omnichannel context
  • Automate conversations with eGain Knowledge+AI
  • Experience then decide: continue or quit
  • No cost, no commitment, no catch

Unified Messaging Hub

  • Support popular channels out of the box
  • Easy to add new channels via published APIs
  • Connected to traditional channels: web, email, phone
  • Conversation view and case view across all channels

Diagram showing the eGain Messaging Hub

Respond using a Digital-First Omnichannel Desktop

  • Contextual transfer from AI to agent and back
  • Conversational view and case view
  • Seamless AX across all messaging networks
  • Adapt message content richness to channels automatically


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