Are Chatbots Effective for Customer Service? Customers Say Yes in Survey

Survey Basics conducted an independent survey of 3,000 consumers across the US and the UK, using SurveyMonkey™. Responses were compiled from 3,000 consumers who had used a chatbot for customer service in the prior 12 months.

Are chatbots effective for customer service?

When respondents were asked this question, “Are chatbots effective for customer service?”

  • A humongous 90% said chatbots were very effective, effective, and somewhat effective
  • Only 10% said chatbots were NOT effective

90 percent found chatbots to be effective for customer service

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Survey Findings: Chatbot Customer Service

What Customers Say by Geography: US versus UK

Customers in the US were stricter in their evaluation of the chatbots.

  • In the US, 14% rated chatbots as not effective
  • In the UK, 5% rated chatbots as not effective

This is perhaps an indication that US consumers are challenging chatbots with more complex questions than the UK consumers. The former expect more from chatbots.

What Customers Say by Age

There’s no surprise here. More younger consumers than those belonging to the Gen X, Boomers, and Silent Generation groups consider chatbots to be more effective . Digitally savvy users actually save your chatbots’ reputations!

Young find chatbots to be more effective

How Education Affects Customer Experience

More consumers with graduate and undergraduate levels of education found chatbots to be NOT effective, compared to those with high school or less education. This was, most likely, a result of users asking complex questions of chatbots, ones they could not answer or resolve.

The Biggest Customer Service Complaint With Chatbots

Complaint #1 with chatbots

59 percent hate that they have to repeat information to a human agent

62% in the US and 55% in the UK said that having to repeat information and context to a human agent in the event of escalation from chatbots was the biggest hassle!

Not surprisingly, this is a result of chatbot deployments that are completely disconnected from agent-assisted touchpoints.

Complaint #2 with chatbots

About 32% (29% of the surveyed in the US and 37% in the UK) complained about chatbots running out of steam, that is, they get stuck and don’t know what to do next. No experience is better than this kind of experience!


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