Insurance giant transforms CX and EX with eGain AI Knowledge

Company Overview

The client is a renowned insurance company with a rich history spanning multiple decades. Both a commercial lines and a personal lines with headquarters in the US, the company has a global presence with tens of thousands of employees and tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue.


The carrier faced challenges in managing the wealth of knowledge and expertise developed over its storied history, siloed across business units. This led to information staleness, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and compliance challenges. Moreover, the scope of knowledge to cover diverse products, clients, and business units posed yet another challenge for the knowledge team, demanding a strategic shift.

Partnership with eGain

In response to the challenges, the carrier forged a partnership with eGain to create a trusted hub of knowledge, using the eGain’s top-rated AI knowledge platform called the Knowledge Hub. The company recognized the importance of adopting a modern, unified platform to centralize information, while addressing the unique needs of its diverse business units. The collaboration aimed to leverage eGain’s capabilities to enhance knowledge accuracy and access, accelerate processes and foster a more connected and customer-centric organization.


The Knowledge Hub initiative involved the establishment of a centralized Knowledge Management team in two business units to start with—the consumer division and the business client division. While the former focused on serving personal lines and small commercial businesses, the latter tackled the complexities of underwriting for large corporations. The implementation included a comprehensive Knowledge Management platform, customized UI templates, and features like Federated SharePoint search to consolidate information from disparate sources.


The transformation yielded astounding results. Among them are:

  • 10x increase in speed to answer
  • 97% search success rate
  • 18,000 trusted articles
  • Rated as the #1 tool by agents among 150+ applications!

In the consumer-facing division, the Knowledge Management team experienced increased user engagement, with over 20,000 employees accessing the knowledge base, including agents and underwriters. The implementation of best-in-class knowledge principles and industry standards elevated the KM program, enabling successful customer interactions. Key features like analytics and API integrations excited the teams, promising improved data-driven decision-making and streamlined processes.


The case study highlights the significance of a strategic Knowledge Management approach in a company with complex needs. eGain has facilitated a shift towards a unified knowledge platform, creating trust in the knowledge, fostering collaboration between business units, and driving better outcomes for the business. The journey, marked by clear goals, KPI definition, user-centric design, iterative development, optimization, and continuous evolution, showcases a commitment to evolving alongside user needs and technological advancements. The case study underscores the transformational value that a modern Knowledge Hub can deliver to any business.

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