European Insurance Carrier Ensures CX and EX Excellence with eGain AI Knowledge Hub

Company Overview

The European insurer serves 5.3 million customers across Europe. With a workforce of 3,000 in contact centers, the insurer handles 1.5 million claims annually. The company’s strategic focus is on providing the best digital customer experience, managing 26 million digital touchpoints, and optimizing service for both end customers and internal agents.


The insurer had knowledge silos across customer interaction channels and countries, making it difficult to provide accurate and compliant member service in a consistent manner. They aimed to elevate their services with evolving customer expectations, ensuring availability across all channels, digital and non-digital.

Partnership with eGain

The insurer embarked on their journey with eGain with a chat implementation, followed by eGain’s Advisor Desktop and the AI knowledge Hub. Impressed with the business value from these solutions, the company added eGain’s email management while expanding the knowledge use across the entire organization.


eGain’s “Bring Your Own Bot” feature allowed the insurer to integrate their chatbot with eGain. The Knowledge Hub ensured correct, consistent, and compliant knowledge across all customer touchpoints, enhancing customer and agent satisfaction.


The implementation of eGain’s solutions yielded significant results during the COVID-19 pandemic. They experienced a 700% increase in travel claims inquiries, and the eGain knowledge base played a crucial role in ensuring consistency, reducing training time for new agents, and maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Sustained at 75% during the COVID-19 crisis despite a significant increase in contact volume.
  • First Contact Resolution: Improved, indicating successful issue resolution in the very first interaction.
  • Agent Satisfaction: Enhanced, demonstrating the positive impact of eGain tools.

The knowledge base proved invaluable during the crisis, reducing training time and administrative efforts, while helping scale the service without compromising quality across all touchpoints.


The partnership with eGain has been marked by honest communication, weekly calls, and continuous improvement. The insurer plans to further expand knowledge-backed digital customer service with eGain, focusing on security and regulatory compliance. With eGain, the company has been able to navigate service challenges, transform customer experiences, and build a unified, efficient customer service capability in the COVID and post-COVID era.

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