eGain’s acquisition of Exony: “So what” FAQs for eGain customers and prospects

Who is Exony?

Exony helps enterprises and service providers improve contact center performance and enhance customer experience with advanced analytics and contact center resource management. Also available on-premise, Exony enables rapid innovation in the cloud by helping organizations and service providers replace their legacy contact center infrastructures with modern cloud-based solutions. These solutions are used by over 80 clients in 34 countries.

What does Exony do?

Exony’s capabilities include the following:

  • Contact center consolidation
  • Resource management and analytics across ACDs, IVRs, and unified communication resources in the enterprise
  • Omnichannel journey analytics (Beta)

Why is eGain acquiring Exony?

The acquisition combines eGain’s top-rated capabilities in knowledge-powered digital customer engagement with Exony’s expertise in contact center provisioning and advanced analytics for resource management and omnichannel journey optimization. Together, the solution addresses the market need for contact center consolidation/refresh, delivering seamless omnichannel customer experiences across voice and digital touchpoints, and the ability to innovate rapidly in the cloud. In fact, the joint solution can also be extended to other customer touchpoints such as branch office and retail stores.

What are the business benefits for the combined solution?

The joint solution takes the effort out of implementing omnichannel in large contact centers, reducing complexity and enabling businesses to optimize their customer journeys across digital and voice touchpoints with speed and scale. This boosts customer loyalty, while allowing the business to rapidly innovate, control costs and improve contact center performance.

What are the benefits for end-customers of the business?

The joint solution enables delightful journeys for end-customers, making it easy for them to buy, get service, and share their experiences.

Can you show me how it works with a use-case?

Today’s omnichannel customer journeys touch multiple touchpoints—digital and/or voice—even during one interaction or transaction.

Let’s say a consumer interacts with the business through email (eGain) and every reply from the customer contact team includes an option to make a voice call. When a call is made (because the customer has decided that it would be the best way to resolve their query and the organization recognizes that channel choice is important), the identity of the caller is immediately recognized, the IVR menu tree is ignored and the call is routed (Exony) to either the original email agent or another agent with the best skill and attributes (Exony routing). Details of the query are screen popped for rapid resolution, and intelligence on customer preference and outcome is captured in analytics for future guidance on interactions.

What if I have Cisco call center infrastructure?

Both eGain and Exony are Cisco SolutionsPlus partners and the joint solution has a deep integration with Cisco call center infrastructure. You can deploy some or all the applications in the joint solution, based on your business needs.

What if I have non-Cisco call center or heterogeneous call center infrastructure?

Exony provides an abstracted management layer whereby you can deploy and provision homogeneous or heterogeneous contact centers that are centralized or distributed across multiple locations.

What is the difference between the combined solution and a solution from someone like Genesys?

Genesys’ solution includes call center telephony infrastructure, which, the combined solution does not offer. Instead, the combined solution is an abstracted layer that leverages the call center infrastructure from Cisco and other such vendors.

Does the joint solution support on-premise and cloud deployments?


Is the joint solution available worldwide?

Yes, the solution is available worldwide and can be purchased directly from eGain, Exony, Cisco, or Cisco partners.

How can I buy one or more applications from the joint solution?

Contact your eGain account manager at [email protected].

Is there an integration roadmap for the joint solution?

Contact your eGain account manager at [email protected] for information.

Where can I find more information on eGain, Exony, and the joint solution?

Contact your eGain account manager at [email protected]. Visit and for additional information.

What if I have questions about the acquisition and the joint solution?

Contact your eGain account manager at [email protected].


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