Contact Center Customer Service Agent Survey

The survey was administered online to contact center agents in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and the Asia Pacific region through SurveyMonkey®. Respondents were asked to pick up to two pain points, and findings were compiled from 465 respondents.

Agents Reveal Challenges in Delivering Customer Service

Q1. What created the biggest pain(s) for you in answering questions or resolving problems or executing a customer service process, when you have the customer on the line?

  • Finding the right answers to customer questions: 26%
  • Different systems/information sources give different answers: 25%
  • Hopping from one application/window to another: 20%
  • Hard to keep up with all the new information/changes I need to know about: 14%
  • Other issues: 15%

Biggest problems facing contact center customer service agents worldwide


Agent Experience Across the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and the Asia Pacific

Apart from a few variations, agent experience was quite similar across geographies.
Agent problems are about the same across regions

Finding the right answer to customer questions
27% 24%
Different systems or info sources give different answers for same question 23% 29%
Hopping from one application or window to another
22% 20%
Hard to keep up with all the new info and changes I need to know about
12% 12%
16% 15%


Agents Look Forward to Proactive Help on Their Systems

What if agents could get a button on their desktop that got them quickly to answers or could guide conversations or service process with the customer step by step? How would they rate the value of such a button on their desktop? Very high, said agents.
Agents say any feature that offers help proactively will be valuable
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