Best Knowledge Management Software for SAP

Integrating Knowledge With SAP CRM: Attributes to Look For in the KM Software

Knowledge management is a critical—and often missing—technology piece.

Gartner says: Timely and contextual knowledge presented to agents in a clear and concise form is a pipe dream for most service environments, yet without it the service experience will always be in jeopardy. Knowledge is an underemphasized aspect of experience design and demands a higher prioritization.

Many service organizations face additional challenges as they have made significant investments in Contact Center and CRM software (mainly used as “systems of record”) such as SAP. These systems do have a knowledge management component, but it is not a core competency for them. Businesses must also deal with additional complexity in choosing the right knowledge management software and integrating it with their existing CRM or contact center systems, which take time, effort, and cost.

So the progressive service organizations are looking for the best knowledge management software which can not only coexist with their CRM Systems but also provide the best knowledge management capabilities to support their journey to knowledge-enable the customers, agents, and employees across the enterprise.

Is your organization also facing similar challenges in trying to find the best knowledge management software for your existing contact center/ CRM software and integrate the two?  Here are key attributes to look for in your knowledge management software system (and the solution provider) to maximize your odds of success.

1. Does it find?

Can the knowledge management software system find accurate answers fast when the customer is on the line and the pressure is on? Make sure your knowledge management software system makes findability easy with flexible search options so that the user can pick the path to the answer he/she likes.

2. Does it federate?

Compiling answers from multiple sources and presenting them to customers while marking them as trusted/curated is called “search federation,” an important knowledge management software system requirement now. Likewise, the knowledge management software system should be able to “harvest” answers from such sources automatically and feed them to the knowledge manager for publishing as trusted knowledge.

3. Does it personalize?

The knowledge management software system should be able to personalize for authenticated customers or anonymous prospects, while making it easy to deliver relevant knowledge from one single knowledge base.

4. Does it guide?

While an important business use of knowledge management software system is finding answers, the next-gen knowledge management software system should be able to guide agents and customers through next best steps in their conversations and processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes guidance to the next level. AI-infused knowledge management software systems can handhold agents through customer interactions. The output might be step-by-step guidance to a customer goal like problem resolution or even a go/no-go decision on whether to take on or do something.

Watch out for pretenders like rigid scripting and rule-based systems that claim guidance. They tend to put agents and customers in conversation cul-de-sacs, especially when the customer goes off-script, and cannot make mid-course adjustments to move the interaction towards the customer goal. Moreover, such legacy systems are difficult and expensive to maintain.

5. Does it comply?

Compliance with ever-changing industry regulations, whether it is for content, access, or interaction, makes customer service even more challenging for companies, particularly in highly- regulated industries. In fact, 70% of compliance professionals expect increased regulations, 59% expect increased personal liability, and 69% expect compliance staffing costs to rise . This is where AI-enabled guidance offered by the knowledge management software system can help.

6. Does it embed in other systems?

Does the knowledge management software you are considering offer pre-built integrations so that the knowledge management capabilities can be embedded in the agent desktop provided by the “systems of record” providers such as call center infrastructure, CRM solution providers?

For an integrated experience, during call set up, the IVR data can be captured to pre-populate questions so that the agent can get a running start on the issue resolution process. After the call, the resolution transcript from the knowledge management software system can be automatically saved in the call tracking system along with the service request. The pre-built integrations of CRM/ contact center desktops with  of knowledge is important as the service organizations seek to minimize their efforts and the costs to integrate the two systems.

7. Does it pervade?

Clearly, the world has gone omnichannel. Can the knowledge management software system deliver consistent and channel-tailored knowledge on any channel or device? Can it bootstrap a human-assisted service conversation or an autonomous remote fix from device data?

8. Does it engage (proactively)?

Contact centers that want to differentiate themselves deliver contextual, personalized knowledge proactively across touchpoints to accelerate customer service journeys. Will the knowledge management software system you are considering allow you to proactively deliver knowledge across all the touchpoints easily?

9. Does it unify?

One of the top pain points in customer service is the inconsistency of answers across touchpoints. Is the knowledge management software system you are looking at capable of delivering knowledge that is personalized to the customer and the touchpoint from a single omnichannel knowledge source?

10. Does it make it easy?

Out-of-the-box knowledge management functionality, proven domain expertise, best-practice methodology, ease of trial, ease of deployment, and ease of optimization are critical to creating business value with knowledge. Will the knowledge management software system you are considering provide best practices, expertise, methodologies to make it easy for deployment of enterprise in your enterprise?

11. Does it “pay”?

Historically, knowledge management use in contact centers and the enterprise has been limited by weak technology and generic content management substitutes. Not all knowledge management software system providers walk the walk when it comes to delivering actual success.

eGain Knowledge Hub™ for SAP scores highly on all the key attributes mentioned above.

The right software with the right attributes provide tangible and intangible benefits to the business by improving both customer and agent experience.

  • Telco giant speeds up agent time to competency by 100%, First-Contact Resolution by 37%, and NPS by 20%, while reducing advisor training time by 43% across its 10,000 agents and 500 retail stores
  • Global HCM provider and BPO company saw a 70% adoption of the eGain knowledge system, when it had only aimed to reach 40% adoption
  • Payroll and human capital management software provider’s employees saw improvements all around — 60% in confidence in answer, 35% in finding the right answer, 62% in consistency of answers, and 67% in time to answer with eGain Knowledge
  • Leading US branded manufacturer improved service quality by 33%
  • Leading European telco reduced unwarranted handset returns and exchanges by 38% through better problem resolution in the contact center, while enhancing agent experience by 90%

Why eGain Knowledge Hub-SAP is the Best Knowledge-CRM Solution in the Industry

Embedded in SAP’s agent desktop, eGain Knowledge Hub™ for SAP scores highly on all the important KM attributes.

The integration elevates the performance of all contact center agents and delivers wow in self-service by providing the right knowledge at the right time. Powered by AI and ML, it provides conversational guidance for agents and customers, helping deliver accurate answers across touchpoints.

Contact center agents can quickly resolve a broad range of customer queries using eGain’s AI Knowledge by clicking the Solve Button™ from within the SAP desktop. Likewise, agents on eGain’s digital-first desktop can view customer profiles and context from SAP from within eGain.

Omnichannel interactions are recorded end-to-end in eGain and SAP for a 360-view. Customer profiles stored in SAP can also be leveraged from within eGain for multichannel engagement.

eGain Knowledge Hub™ for SAP

eGain Knowledge Hub™, the top-rated, analyst-awarded knowledge management software, guarantees quality customer service by infusing your customer service agents with knowledge, making all agents as productive as your best ones. By providing agents and other users a range of ways to get to information from the common knowledge base, it ensures fast, consistent, and accurate answers.

Watch a demo of eGain Knowledge Hub for SAP cloud customers

Why eGain AI + Knowledge is the Best Knowledge Management Software for SAP

Gartner and Forrester have rated us #1 in knowledge-powered digital customer engagement (2020 and 2021).

eGain Knowledge Hub is a unified omnichannel knowledge management platform that eliminates inconsistent knowledge silos. Create once and deliver everywhere!

The eGain Knowledge Hub is a one-stop shop for end-to-end knowledge management, with rich capabilities out of the box for quick business value. It includes omnichannel content management, profiled access, multiple search methods, AI-driven conversations, interactive process flows, 360-degree context, personalized portals and knowledge analytics, leveraging Machine Learning and AI.

eGain Knowledge Hub is proven at scale in deployments with blue-chip clients. For example, 128,000 agents use the knowledge solution in a US government health agency and 35,000 users in a global telco.

Best Knowledge Management Software: eGain Knowledge Hub™

We deliver transformational business results with knowledge for contact center agents and self-service, consistently and easily, with the best product and decades of domain expertise proven customer testimonials. A global telco saw a 35% increase in FCR, 25-point improvement in NPS, and 50% reduction in agent time to competence across 30K agents and 5K store associates. A fast-growth SaaS company saw a 60% increase in agent confidence and 30% increase in self-service use.

We offer a novel, zero-risk way to consume our solution by “walking the talk.” You can try our solution in a no-charge production pilot with best-practice guidance to success for 30 days before deciding to invest. We call it “Innovation in 30 Days”.

To learn more about eGain’s AI-infused knowledge management software solution, contact us today to see how we can work together and deploy the best knowledge management practices in your enterprise.

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