Banking Giant Revolutionizes Customer Service and Associate Productivity with Generative AI and Knowledge


In today’s globalized and highly competitive banking industry, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction while maintaining high associate productivity is paramount for sustained success. This case study delves into the transformative journey of a mega bank with 250,000 employees operating across 60 countries, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and associate productivity within its international consumer banking group. The bank faced challenges in onboarding new associates in a hybrid work model, compounded by the complexity of accessing correct information dispersed across multiple silos. This led to issues in answer quality, compliance, and operational costs. To address these challenges, the bank embarked on a pilot project with eGain, a leading AI knowledge management platform, leveraging its innovative solutions to streamline processes and elevate service standards.


The mega bank grappled with several critical challenges impeding its customer service excellence and associate efficiency:

  1. Information Fragmentation: Thousands of lengthy and complex documents were scattered across various repositories, hindering quick access to accurate information during customer interactions.
  2. Onboarding Complexity: The transition to a hybrid work model exacerbated the difficulties in effectively onboarding new associates, impacting their ability to deliver prompt and accurate assistance to customers.
  3. Quality and Compliance Concerns: Inadequate access to up-to-date and compliant information posed risks to service quality and regulatory compliance, potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction and legal repercussions.
  4. Operational Costs: Inefficient processes and disparate information sources inflated operational costs, necessitating a cost-effective and sustainable solution.


Recognizing the urgency of addressing these challenges, the bank opted to explore modern knowledge platforms and generative AI solutions. After a thorough evaluation, they selected eGain, renowned for its AI-driven knowledge management capabilities and endorsed by industry leaders such as Gartner. The bank initiated a pilot program with eGain’s Innovation in Thirty Days (IITD), a guided and cost-free pilot initiative designed to demonstrate rapid results.

During the pilot phase, eGain’s team customized Instant Answers, its generative AI search functionality, to align with the bank’s compliance and user experience requirements. Moreover, leveraging robust migration tools, they seamlessly migrated over 2500 content artifacts, predominantly sourced from SharePoint, intranet, and Salesforce platforms, into the eGain Knowledge Hub.


At the conclusion of the thirty-day pilot, which involved 60 users across various roles including associates, authors, admins, and analysts, the bank witnessed remarkable improvements across key performance metrics:

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction increased by 3% within the thirty-day timeframe, reflecting the tangible impact of streamlined processes and improved access to accurate information on customer interactions.
  2. Improved Associate Productivity: Average handle time, a critical indicator of associate efficiency, demonstrated a notable enhancement, with a 14% reduction observed post-implementation. This improvement underscored the efficacy of eGain’s solutions in empowering associates to resolve customer queries swiftly and effectively.
  3. Comprehensive Solution Validation: eGain’s performance was rigorously assessed against various parameters, including functionality, user experience, security, composability, and AI compliance. Remarkably, it met 100% of all requirements, reaffirming its suitability as a comprehensive solution catering to the bank’s diverse needs.

Next with eGain

Buoyed by the resounding success of the IITD pilot, the mega bank resolved to extend the implementation of eGain Knowledge Hub across all its international service teams. This decision underscores the bank’s confidence in eGain’s ability to drive sustained improvements in customer satisfaction, associate productivity, and operational efficiency on a global scale.


The case study illustrates how strategic adoption of innovative knowledge management and AI solutions can catalyze transformative change within large-scale enterprises, revolutionizing customer service delivery and enhancing associate productivity. Through its collaboration with eGain, the mega bank not only overcame longstanding operational challenges but also positioned itself for continued success in an ever-evolving banking landscape characterized by heightened customer expectations and competitive pressures.

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