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Virtual Financial Coach Provides Professional, Unbiased, Free Financial Advice

Finding Ways to Reassess Your Finances and Save Money in a Pandemic: WXYZ

“Because agenda free information is in demand, GreenPath Financial Wellness, Michigan-based non-profit, has launched a 24×7 virtual coaching platform that will provide you with professional. free advice.”

Detroit ABC affiliate, WXYZ, mentioned the eGain Virtual Financial Coach in its news during the Financial Literacy Month.

According to WXYZ, getting financially healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic is top of mind for so many and the Virtual Financial Coach is one place people “can go to reset your finances with professional, unbiased information.”

Why the Banking Industry Struggles to Move the Needle in Financial Wellness: CUbroadcast

Evan Siegel, Vice President, Financial Services AI Solutions, eGain and Rick Bialobrzeski, Chief Business Development Officer, GreenPath joined Mike Lawson for a discussion on CUbroadcast, a credit union talk show.

They talked about Virtual Financial Coach, how credit unions can leverage the technology solution, the importance of financial wellness and why the banking industry struggles to move the needle in financial wellness, and the role of virtual financial coaching in it.

The Coach


Error in Credit Scores? Credit Unions Offer Help Through Virtual Coach

eGain Virtual Financial Coach™ experiences early success with credit unions

25 credit unions have deployed the eGain Virtual Financial Coach since its launch in March earlier this year. Thousands of consumers are already using the Coach for advice and user feedback has been positive.

  • 85% users say that the personalized plan prescribed by the Coach is achievable
  • 88% users say that the coaching experience is valuable

eGain Virtual Financial Coach in action at Atlanta Federal Credit Union

Through our friends at GreenPath Financial Wellness, you now have access to a secure, virtual financial coach!

The coach empowers you to improve your credit score, move forward after a credit decline, pay down debt, pay bills on time or just build healthy financial practices…

How Virtual Financial Coaching Can Help Credit Unions Win Again on Member Service

With their key competitive differentiators – stronger customer service and more competitive interest rates – neutralized, credit unions face an existential crisis. But there is a defensible, winning strategy that can get them back in the game. This Filene article expands on how virtual, automated advice and coaching can be that strategy.

Potlatch No. 1 Financial Credit Union (P1FCU) offers free help

1 in 5 credit reports has errors. When was the last time you checked yours? Make sure to use our Virtual Financial Coach to manage and improve your credit score! To take advantage of this free tool…


“This Virtual Financial Coach increases access to critical credit education, day or night. Plus, it allows members a safe and private approach to a conversation about credit.”

– Helen Gibson, Vice President of Strategic Operations, Denver Community Credit Union

“Northland is thrilled to be able to provide the new Virtual Coach to our members.  We know our members have a pressing need for financial advice and recognize the value of engaging with them where they are, through technology. The Virtual Coach is a fun, personal, and motivating way to help our members save more money, improve their credit score, make that big purchase, and improve their financial health.”

– Matt Duthler, Marketing Director, Northland Area Federal Credit Union

“This is not your typical chatbot. It offers users 24/7 access to customized advice about their credit. Users feel like they’re getting expert advice from a seasoned financial counselor.”

Rick Bialobrzeski, GreenPath’s Chief Business Development Officer