US Athletic Association Transforms Customer Service with eGain AI Knowledge Hub

Company Overview

The client is a national athletic association assisting 8 million high school student-athletes in achieving their dreams of college athletics. The case study delves into the challenges they faced and the solutions implemented.


The association serves a wide spectrum of audiences from international and domestic students, families, advocates, coaches, counselors, and more. The contact center was also answering questions across a broad range of topics from eligibility to enrollment procedures. Handling 400,000 inquiries annually with a staff of less than 50 became unsustainable, triggering the need for a knowledge management platform to power self-service and assist contact center agents.


The client entered into a partnership with eGain to address these challenges, implementing the eGain Knowledge Hub as a single source of truth, knowledge, and knowhow across self-service and agent-assisted channels. Moreover, the solution would be used to reduce training time for both in-house agents and outsourced contractors.


Internal Portal and Training Enhancement
The client’s internal portal, backed by the eGain Knowledge Hub, significantly streamlined training, reducing the training time from three months to three weeks, a 92% reduction! The functionality and adaptability of eGain Knowledge accommodated the unique needs of the client, ensuring success.

External-Facing FAQ Portal
The external-facing portal, again backed by the eGain Knowledge Hub, enabled the client to scale customer service without compromising quality. Boasting two million annual hits, this self-service portal became a go-to resource for diverse inquiries, ranging from eligibility criteria to general information. The consistent content facilitated usage in presentations, documents, and media inquiries, showcasing eGain’s pivotal role, going beyond the contact center to external communications.

Analytics and Evaluation
The power of analytics in eGain was a game-changer, according to the client. By assessing article views and failed searches, the client gained insights into weaknesses in their communication plan. The analytics also played a crucial role in understanding customer behavior, tracking hot topics, and providing a voice for the customer. A staggering 140% increase in agent adoption underscored the system’s success.

Customer Feedback and Consistency
Annual surveys indicated a remarkable “Greatly Improved” rating, demonstrating the tangible impact on customer satisfaction since the implementation of eGain. The newfound consistency in responses addressed a long-standing issue, fostering trust among contact center agents, members and external audiences alike.


As the client looks to the future, the collaboration with eGain has not only addressed immediate challenges but positioned the organization to evolve and meet the dynamic needs of its diverse audience. This success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of knowledge in scaling customer service and accelerating speed to agent competency without compromising service quality and consistency.

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