AI Virtual Assistant Chatbot for COVID-19

Effortlessly deliver value and tame COVID19 customer support spike


What can eGain AI virtual assistant do for you

Cutting-edge technology and two decades of best practice to deliver quick value.

Financial Services
Processing over 700,000 sessions per month
SAAS Company
67% improvement in time to answer
European Telco
37% improvement in First-Contact Resolution

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Get your COVID-19 AI Virtual Assistant

eGain Chat™ enables you to offer real-time chat assistance to website visitors. Agents can exchange text messages, files, web pages, and knowledge base articles with visitors to answer their queries, proactively as well as reactively. Rated #1 by analysts, it is the industry’s only chat product to have been proven in both on-demand and on-site deployments for more than a decade.

An integral part of eGain’s customer engagement software suite, eGain’s live chat software integrates seamlessly with the other social experience, web experience, and contact center applications in the suite. It offers endless sales and service opportunities when combined with companion products:

  • eGain Cobrowse, web collaboration software
  • eGain Offers, proactive offer management software
  • eGain Virtual Assistant, an intelligent virtual assistant (avatar) software

eGain’s chat and web collaboration solutions lead the industry in maturity, depth, and seamless integration with other interaction channels. Standalone solutions perpetuate silos. And silos are a big no as the consumers coming to your website are omnichannel. Read why your website needs an omnichannel website chat software.

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