Content Management

Content management refers to the process of creating, maintaining, publishing, and sharing content such as digital content (e.g., Adobe) or documents (e.g., SharePoint). Content management does not focus on findability metrics like relevance and revision.

Content management systemThere’s a problem with content. A lot of it is being created for various reasons. A lot of it is unstructured, lying in various content and collaboration systems and platforms. Businesses have thousands of articles in their knowledge bases. There are many versions of the same document leading to duplication and inconsistent experiences.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are generally good at organizing and publishing content, but they are poor at enabling users to find the right content when needed.

  • Content is exploding.
    It needs to be curated, formatted, and maintained.
  • Content must be compliant.
    It is non-negotiable.
  • Content has to be findable at the right time.
    Only then is it knowledge.

Know how you can create an effective knowledge base from content.

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