Consumers Say Yes to Messaging for Customer Service and Support in Survey

The survey was conducted by YouGov PLC on behalf of eGain. The findings are based on answers given by 5,950 consumers who had used messaging to resolve a customer service issue in the last 12 months.

Is messaging effective? Yes!

Customers said yes to messaging for customer service

A whopping 86% across the US and the UK found messaging to be very effective and somewhat effective for customer service.

Pie chart showing consumer survey result on effectiveness of messaging customer service

Are you more satisfied with messaging than other channels?

Younger consumers have a more positive view of messaging.

  • 37% in the 18-34 age group report are more satisfied with messaging than other contact channels versus 23% in the 35-54 age group and only 18% in the 55+ age group.

When asked about pain points, a promising number have shown satisfaction with the customer experience over the channel

  • 31% of consumers applicable have not had any issues when messaging a business for customer service

Top 3 hurdles to good customer experience (CX)

1. “I had to repeat information I had previously given to the chatbot or another customer service agent”

  • 44% of US consumers and 39% of UK consumers found having to repeat information the biggest pain point
  • Consumers across the US and the UK hate being the glue in a multichannel communication.

Top hurdles in messaging customer experience

2. The responses were not prompt

Messaging is an asynchronous channel. Businesses have to find the right amount of wait time between replies so that convenience doesn’t turn into frustration.

3. The responses were not relevant

This is clearly a result of inadequate knowledge management and indicates either a siloed approach to implementing customer service messaging or redundant knowledge management system.

For details, download the survey findings.

Download report infographic

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