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of retail sales will be impacted by the Web in 2016, a Y-on-Y growth of 9% from 2011



of web sales, by 2015, will be generated by companies via social media and mobile apps


more spent per transaction experienced among multichannel consumers

The Web has transformed the way people interact with retail organizations. High-speed internet connections mean that people visit many more retailers than before. The first interaction is crucial; with most new visitors looking for information if help isn’t convenient and easy then potential customers hit the back button and go to the next retailer in the search engine list.

The Web is also changing the way customers interact throughout the life cycle; support and service requests are fragmented across channels and customers expect the same process and information through each channel.


Industry challenges and eGain solutions

Bad service is a leading reason for defection 

Poor customer service is one the major reasons why businesses lose customers. Retail organisations need to ensure that they can provide prompt, accurate responses to enquiries from prospective customers and offer a range of communication channels.

  • eGain has worked with leading Retail organisations to establish and maintain market leading Service Levels for email responses to sales enquires and support on-line customers complete transactions.

Self-service is more than call deflection

Customers increasingly expect to be able to get help online in a variety of ways that match their preference or the nature of their inquiry: FAQ, search, guided help, virtual assistant, or web collaboration.

  • eGain has helped leading Retailers support on-line enquirers and prospective customers to get self help, automated email responses, or be guided through customer service issues.

More customers are choosing the email channel

Customers increasingly expect to be able to resolve enquiries by email as this can be more convenient and provide a record of the outcome.

Outbound email notification 

Outbound emails to retail subscribers is an effective way to advise customers of potential benefits.

  • eGain has worked with leading Retailers to direct inbound email enquiries to agents with the most appropriate skills and to manage outbound email campaigns to subscribers with specific targeted offers.