Webinar | Chatbots: Why They Fail, Best Practices, and At-Scale Success Stories

Vendors are promising the world with their chatbots or virtual assistants! But, according to recent research by Forrester, 54% of US consumers think that interactions with chatbots will negatively impact the quality of their lives. Forrester also predicts a significant chatbot backlash. In fact, a customer recently called the virtual assistant of a business he was dealing with a “virtual idiot”!

How can you make sure your chatbot does not meet the same fate? Register for this upcoming webinar with Destination CRM, featuring eGain, to learn about best practices and at-scale success stories.

Register Now to attend the webinar “Chatbots for Customer Engagement: Why They Fail and Best Practices for Success.”

  • Date: February 5, 2020
  • Time: 11 am to 12 Noon Pacific Time/ 1 pm to 2 pm Central Time


Kurt VanDynHoven
Sr. Director Customer Success
Lands’ End

Sam Hahn
Technology Evangelist
eGain Corporation

Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine


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