AI Knowledge: The Cure for CX and AX Woes Amid Covid-19

Webinar hosted by KMWorld, sponsored by eGain

Covid-19 has unleashed a tsunami of calls and service requests coming into customer-facing organizations. It is not just the volume but also the unprecedented breadth and depth of queries that has caught them totally unawares. Meanwhile, customer-facing personnel, whether they be contact center agents or branch office personnel, have been asked to hunker down in their homes, thanks to shelter-in-place mandates in many states. Many of them are sick, quitting work, being laid off, or idle. In some cases, employees from other groups are being deployed for customer service.

How can you sustain and even improve customer and employee experience in this environment? The answer lies in self-service automation, conversational guidance for customer-facing staff, and digital engagement, powered by the next generation of AI-infused knowledge. Want to learn more?

Webinar, hosted by KMWorld and sponsored by eGain Corporation

  • Date: April 28, 2020
  • Time: 11 am to 12 Noon Pacific Time/ 1 pm to 2 pm Central Time


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