Webinar | Taming the COVID-19 Customer Service Crisis

Webinar Featuring the Tryg Success Story

The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on people’s physical as well as economic wellbeing. Businesses are not untouched, either, with events getting canceled, travel being minimized, and employees working from home. In fact, 53% of workers are afraid of the spread of the virus, 45% expect their work life to be disrupted by the virus, and 29% are even afraid to go to work because of the risk of exposure, according to Forrester’s PandemicEX survey of workers.

The one thing you can ill-afford to mess up in this difficult environment is your customer experience (CX). AX (Agent experience) is no less important. How can you sustain excellence in all stakeholder experiences in this year of the pandemic?

Register for our webinar, “Taming the COVID-19 Customer Service Crisis: Webinar Featuring the Tryg Success Story,” to learn actionable steps from Hildegunn Berge and Trude Gundersen of Tryg, a leading European insurance company, and eGain’s very own Solutions Director, Stephen Kennedy.

  • Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020
  • Time: 11 am BST


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