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Analyst Recognition

“eGain shines in both traditional features and newer market trends alike. eGain provides the best web self-service interface with the special set of technologies called Click2Collaborate. Users can choose their preferred method of support through one-click access on any mobile device. eGain, (is) the product that offers most bang-for-the-buck with its comprehensive set of features and solid vendor credentials.”

Tim Hickernell, Vendor Landscape: Customer Service Knowledge Management Suites, Info-Tech Research Group

“New enterprise search features, combined with its knowledge management and multichannel suite, make eGain a must-have vendor for enterprise short lists.”

John Ragsdale, VP of Research, Technology Services Industry Association

“eGain has evolved its product to include a new model of search that allows it to deliver better service to users. They can find information faster and easier and with a better overall experience.”

Esteban Kolsky, thinkJar Consulting
thinkJar Consulting

“eGain’s recent announcement of an intelligent search platform… has given it best of breed status within knowledge management, incident tracking, multichannel management, and enterprise search.”

John Ragsdale, VP of Research, Technology Services Industry Association
Technology Services Industry Association

“With a long history serving the consumer telecommunications industry, eGain, a knowledge management and multi-channel customer service and self-service vendor, had the most complete mobile vision of the TSIA partners interviewed.”

John Ragsdale, VP of Research, Technology Services Industry Association
Technology Services Industry Association

“In addition to maintaining a strong customer service platform, co-innovation with customers—along with an extensive partnering network—has allowed eGain to develop and deliver best-of-breed customer interaction tools.”

VP and Research Director at Premier Analyst Firm 

Ragsdale’s Eye on Service (blog) – Catch up with eGain: New Applications Released in Version 7.6

 “I have known some of the folks at eGain from the early days. eGain got their start with email response management systems (ERMS) back in 1998… Interestingly, unlike most of the players in this space, eGain has kept the same core executive team for many years, and this has helped them have a consistent vision and not go after every new trend and buzzword….

“Obviously, eGain has moved way beyond ERMS, now offering a full suite of ‘best of breed’ eService tools, including knowledgebase, diagnostics, web chat and collaboration, etc., but I still think they understand the complexities of email—which continues to grow in volume according to SSPA Benchmark Metrics—better than most.”

John Ragsdale, VP of Research, SSPA

“eGain Service is a strong and competitive offering with a good track record and a large customer base.”

Mitchell Kramer, SVP and Sr. Consultant, Patricia Seybold Group

“eGain continues to win deals on the strength of its platform and an increasingly process-centric message.”

VP and Research Director at Premier Analyst Firm

“eGain, with its long history of email management and case-based reasoning, should be included on the shortlist for companies needing a highly scalable email response solution or for agent and customer-facing knowledgebase tools.”

Premier Analyst Report for eService

“eGain receives strong ratings for product functionality and technology and remains a good choice for large multichannel contact centers that require a scalable solution.”

Premier Analyst Report for eService

“eGain has distinguished itself in a highly competitive market by providing a range of product and delivery options: point solutions, full suite, licensed software or hosted solution.”

Katrina Howell, Industry Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

“Resisting this temptation to migrate into all areas of CRM has kept the company focused on service, specifically eservices that are directly customer related. Deciding to do one thing well as served eGain up to this point and afforded the company steady growth.”

Scott Tiazkun, IDC, eGain: Taking the Customer’s Point of View

Slashing time to market is critically important for companies competing in the e-commerce space. eGain was an early mover in this segment and, as a result, has built the service expertise and critical mass of customers to become a leader for online customer service applications. The company’s success in hosting not only reflects the growing use of Application Service Providers, but also validates eGain’s visionary approach to customer service. By dramatically cutting front-end equipment, software and IT costs, application hosting dramatically reduces the time it takes a company to implement a solution.”

George Peabody, Managing Director, ASP Practice, Aberdeen Group

“Enabling customers to implement in a staged manner is a very important approach in today’s economic environment. Our research shows that while end user organizations regard a CRM strategy as critical, the current economic environment has caused them to adopt a more long range, incremental approach in regards to implementation. With eGain’s product set, companies can implement one or two at a time over time, with the assurance that the end result will be a cohesive solution.”

Mary Wardley, Program Director CRM, IDC

“The primary market that eGain plays in—collaborative CRM—is one of the faster moving CRM markets. With so many companies building online customer service capabilities, we project a 54% average market growth for the next five years for the type of solutions that eGain provides. eGain’s early attention to the requirements of global customer service positions it to address the requirements of companies with global customers as well as emerging global service organizations.”

Tim Hickernell, Senior Program Director, META Group CRM Infusion

“eGain has from the very start focused on developing Web-based customer communications solutions that can be rapidly and easily hosted. Simply attaching a Web-browser front-end to existing client-server (and earlier) applications doesn’t cut it. The future belongs to Web-architected applications that have best-of-breed functionality and access and aggregate resources both inside and outside the corporate firewall.”

Christopher Fletcher, Director CRM, Aberdeen Group

“Quick access to answers represents the cornerstone of most eService efforts. As companies focus more on developing and maintaining knowledge bases, knowledge solutions will become key elements of a CRM selection.”

Bruce D. Temkin, Premier Analyst Firm

“Adding new customer contact channels can complicate interaction management as a result of cross-channel effects, channel limitations and customer channel preferences. Companies adopting hybrid-channel service must adopt multi-channel escalation strategies to ensure customer inquiries are answered in the shortest amount of time, through the appropriate channels and utilizing the lowest cost service resources possible.”

Tim Hickernell, Senior Program Director, META Group

“It is clear that integration becomes increasingly important as companies extend the breadth of the product offering. Solutions that aren’t integrated hinder a company’s ability to service the customer. Companies not only need a unified view of a customer’s interactions across all communication channels, they also need an efficient, uniform method for administering, maintaining and reporting.”

Matthew Cain, VP of Workgroup Computing Strategies, META Group