In utilities and field service organizations, customer service has some additional challenges. A customer reporting a gas leak or power outage needs to get through to an agent quickly at any time of day. And, it is not just the speed of response that is challenging; any inquiry that results in a field service visit has a high cost associated with it. Organizations need to ensure the right technician makes the visit properly briefed and, wherever possible, with the right parts and equipment so that the issue can be resolved during the visit.

Industry challenges and eGain solutions

High cost of field engineer visits

Avoiding the high cost of unnecessary call-outs is a key business priority.

  • eGain has worked with leading organizations to deliver agent knowledge bases that dramatically reduce unnecessary field engineer visits through application of best practice customer handling.

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for power and utilities customers

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Call screening and qualification 

Accurate call screening by agents is crucial to assessing the validity, severity, and priority of the inquiry. Gathering the information to make any follow up or visit effective is key to the end-to-end service costs.

  • eGain has worked with large utility companies to deliver knowledge management solutions that enable agents to rapidly diagnose technically complex inquiries with minimal training.

Opportunities for upsell and cross-sell

Effective qualification and assessment at the first point of contact can lead to opportunities for revenue generation through sales of additional services.

  • eGain has implemented many enterprise knowledge bases that guide agents through the process of validating entitlement and offering enhanced services where appropriate.

Complex processes

Complex support processes need to be consistently followed and accurate records of customer contacts captured.

  • eGain has worked with a number of organizations to set up integrated solutions that help to resolve customer inquiries ranging from billing and loss of supply to safety issues.

Consistent, accurate levels of service and support

Customers expect to receive consistent levels of service whenever they make contact and whichever channel they use.

  • eGain has helped leading organizations set up multichannel interaction hubs with consistent service levels and a common knowledge base across channels.

Utility companies trust eGain

Southern Water trusts eGain Yorkshire Water trusts eGain

“The eGain team were very responsive and knowledgeable. They knew exactly what to do to help me meet my ultimate objective of improving customer service”
Southern Company, a water utility company

For this utility company, real life is stranger than fiction!

A newbie agent for a utilities company actually saved a customer’s life! eGain’s AI+knowledge solution guided him to offer the right advice to the customer, at the right time — right before their house exploded. Hear it for yourself.