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Contact centers


customers consider being connected to someone knowledgeable important for great CX


consumers abandoned a company due to bad customer service


consumers expect agents to know them and their issues before beginning the conversation


Challenges in the contact center

  • Improve customer experience and loyalty.
  • Do more with less, enhancing contact center performance and sales, while controlling customer service costs.
  • Improve operational metrics within and across all interaction channels that are aligned with the goals of the contact center. Examples include number of interactions handled by agents (e.g., contacts per agent-month), First Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT), Total Handle Time (THT), call wrap-up time, Average Speed of Answer (ASA), call abandonment rate, IVR completion rate, number of escalations, service level compliance rate, etc.
  • Enable intelligent upsell and cross-sell to turn your contact center from a cost center into a profit center.
  • Provide multiple interaction channels to customers and offer web self-service, live chat, and email beside traditional phone and paper communication.
  • Offer convenient, consistent service through all channels. In short, provide omnichannel customer service.
  • Create a complete view of the customer at every interaction point.
  • Manage service levels across all channels.
  • Ensure “best practice” process standardization across channels and agents.


Contact center agents reveal the challenges they face while delivering customer service

eGain solutions

  • Unique customer engagement hub platform to provide common, omnichannel infrastructure to multiple interaction channels.
  • Best-of-breed tools for managing and automating email, web, paper, and phone interactions. These tools can be implemented in a modular fashion, while leveraging the customer engagement hub (CEH) architecture through common business logic, knowledge base, and agent administration capabilities.
  • Platform easily integrates legacy customer data with multichannel service interactions so that agents get a common view of the customer—across service, marketing, billing, and account details.
  • Integrated analytics to track service levels and manage agent performance across phone, email, and web channels.
  • Patented Inference™ AI reasoning engine combined with workflow modeling to capture and standardize contact center processes so that “every agent can be as good as your best agent.”
  • Configurable data adapters link into marketing and customer databases to guide service conversations to upsell to customers.


eGain is a Leader in CRM Magazine‘s 2017 CRM Service Leaders: Contact Center Search category

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