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Your customers want quick, correct and consistent answers. Over a convenient channel. In an easy and effortless way. You need to offer it, every time.

3 Steps to Delightful Customer Journeys


1. Connect With Customers

Design delightful, connected journeys to connect with customers over channels of their choice for a digital-first experience.


2. Solve Their Issues

Provide customers answers and guidance they need to use a product well, troubleshoot problems, or decide on a future course of action.


3. Optimize User Journeys

Get insights to improve delivery of customer service, enhance customer experience, and predict customer behavior.



eGain Digital Customer Engagement Suite

eGain Suite comprises three hubs: Messaging Hub, Knowledge Hub and Analytics Hub. They include comprehensive rich, AI-powered apps to connect, solve and optimize.


Automate Customer Engagement in a Digital + AI World

The hubs—Messaging, Knowledge, Analytics—in the eGain solution suite are a simple way to deliver the 3-steps to continuous customer delight.

Together, the hubs, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) capabilities running through them, offer a solution that you can use to address your business’ unique customer engagement needs.

Messaging Hub

Enable all your customers to contact you regardless of touchpoint. See end-to-end, omnichannel journeys to get a 360-degree view of context and conversation history while interacting with the customer.

Knowledge Hub

Resolve issues brought up in customer contacts through self-service or agent assistance. Apply AI and Machine Learning (ML) to improve the experience for the customer and the agent. With knowledge available easily, intuitively, and intelligently, agents are capable of handling any query, any time.

Analytics Hub

Measure, measure, and optimize customer interactions and agent performance across digital and traditional touchpoints. Use those insights to reduce effort, create solutions for recurring issues, and improve productivity. Let Machine Learning predict these conversations over time.

The Suite and the Software

Messaging Hub

eGain SuperChat

Text |  Audio  |  Video

Comprehensive text chat, proactive chat, video chat, and click to call. Includes the ability to chat via messaging channels.

eGain Cobrowse

Agent can share and co-navigate HTML and JavaScript content via web browser with a customer, supported by granular read/write controls per web page or website section.

eGain CallTrack

Comprehensive call taking, logging and tracking capability, including call controls and screen pop with call variables. Includes soft phone.

eGain Mail + Social

Email (free form and generated via structured web forms) response automation and management with automated routing, flexible workflow, powerful productivity tools leveraging AI and Knowledge, quality management, and reporting. Monitor social media and manage non real-time customer inquiries.

eGain Secure Messaging

Deliver confidential, secure content via a secure portal and a pointer to that content delivered by email or message.

eGain Messaging

SMS | Email | Voice | Web

Engage customers over SMS, MMS, Twitter DM, ABC, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, in-app, and more. Manage and deliver automatic reminders, alerts, and updates, or, notifications.

eGain Offers

Proactive offer of contextual promotional content, automated self-service or digital engagement, served on a web page, based on configurable business rules and AI-powered decision support.

Knowledge Hub

eGain Virtual Assistant

Emotionally-aware, conversational AI-powered self-service solution (also known as VA or Chatbot) to understand customer request, guide the customer to the right answer through interactive dialog, and serve the answer from a knowledge base or from a backend transactional systems.

eGain SelfService + AI

Knowledge base with AI-powered process guidance for self-service.

eGain Knowledge + AI

Knowledge base with AI-powered process guidance for contact center agents, store associates, branch staff, and field service personnel.



Analytics Hub

eGain Analytics

Makes it easy to measure and manage your contact center operations, knowledge, and omnichannel customer experience. Create informative reports, charts, and dashboards effortlessly. Slice-&-dice the data in any number of ways and use it to manage the business effectively.