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Omnichannel Engagement for a Digital + AI World

Effortless customer experiences build great brands

A truism in customer experience. Analysts Forrester and Gartner have said it. You have experienced it. Our solutions make it happen.

An App for Everyone

eGain Messaging Hub offers a comprehensive set of rich applications for digital-first customer engagement.

I have worked with eGain for a few years now and they are constantly evolving. They consistently provide new and valuable resources to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of consumer engagement.
(Educational institution, an eGain client)

eGain Messaging

  • Engage customers interactively over SMS, MMS, Twitter DM, ABC, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, in-app, and more
  • Proactively notify customers with personalized reminders, triggered alerts, and subscribed updates across all channels – digital and voice

eGain Secure Messaging

  • Deliver confidential, secure content via a secure web portal. Includes case tracking.

eGain SuperChat

  • Chat via text, video and click to call – across web, in-app and messaging channels.

eGain Cobrowse

  • Collaborate with customers to help fill web forms and cobrowse HTML content. Granular read/write controls per web page, page section or content element.

eGain CallTrack

  • Log and track phone calls, with call controls and screen pop using call variables and IVR strings. Includes soft phone.

eGain Mail + Social

  • Email response management with AI routing, business workflow and powerful productivity tools. Includes knowledge base, quality management and analytics.
  • Monitor keywords of interest in social media. Manage customer inquiries on one-to-many social channels like Twitter, Facebook Wall, and Instagram.

eGain Offers

  • Proactive web-based offer of contextual promotions, self-service or assistance

Modern Desktop Empowers Advisors to Effortlessly Engage Customers

Our digital-first Advisor Desktop is built for the digital associate. Those who are comfortable with force-multiplying tools like self-service, digital messaging, virtual assistants and AI guidance. Those who are at ease with automating the routine. Those who are not satisfied with toggling across multiple desktop tools to do their job. Those who demand modern tools and power your vision of assured customer engagement. Our desktop include:

  • Omnichannel customer 360 history, conversational and case oriented
  • Rich response tools and collaboration capabilities
  • Proactive knowledge and AI guidance for agents
  • Architected to easily integrate with enterprise data and platforms


"Easy to use and learn for end users.

Business Operations Specialist, Energy and Utilities company