ChatGPT and Generative AI for CXPlay video: ChatGPT and Generative AI for CX - Hype, Reality, what to know and do

While Generative AI has been around for some time, it is now the talk of the world—not just the town—thanks to the hyper-successful launch of ChatGPT.

If you manage contact centre/customer service operations or you are in charge of transforming CX, AX (agent experience), or EX (employee experience), do you wonder what you need to know and do with generative AI, so you can get ahead of your peers in leveraging this disruptive innovation?
No worries–eGain thought leaders and practitioners will have the answers for you at this must-attend webinar.

eGain 21 Launch Webinar Series

Composable Experience Platform

Our customer engagement platform has always been composable and we have made it richer with a whole host of new enhancements.

Connect the dots across and even outside your enterprise to deliver effortless experiences across customers, agents, and the business. All the three hubs of our top-rated eGain Digital Customer Engagement Suite (per Gartner and Forrester)—the Conversation Hub, the Knowledge Hub, and the Analytics Hub—leverage the power of the platform to provide composable experiences.

Knowledge Hub

Gartner has talked of 7 best practices to create and retrieve relevant content and knowledge for customers. And eGain Knowledge Hub is the only platform that can get it all done. This webinar explains how doing knowledge management is easy with the Knowledge Hub, and how it

  • Combines all the essential building blocks of KM
  • Into a rich solution for enthusiastic user adoption and transformational business value
  • Makes everything else easy

Conversation Hub

Consumers love messaging. Companies love messaging. But there’s something called “too much of a good thing.”

What are the joys, and associated challenges, with customer messaging? Why are interactions moving from messaging to conversations? How does eGain add intent understanding, context, knowledge, and automation to messaging? The webinar answers all those questions and more.


Analytics Hub

As an enterprise, you are likely to have heterogeneous contact center infrastructure systems and distributed operations, running on the likes of Cisco, Avaya, Amazon Connect, and some of the new CCaaS platforms. Plus, you may be leveraging eGain for top-rated capabilities in knowledge-powered digital customer engagement. To optimize customer, agent, and business experiences, you need 360-degree, connected insights into contact center operations across all these systems, combined with tools that enable you to allocate resources as conditions change, which is exactly what eGain Analytics Hub™ offers. This webinar explains what the Analytics Hub is and can do for your enterprise.

On-Demand Webinars on Knowledge-Powered Digital CX

Veterans Affairs talks about Knowledge-Powered CX and Employee Experience TransformationVeterans Affairs talks about Knowledge-Powered CX and Employee Experience Transformation

Customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) go hand in hand. One cannot exist—let alone excel—without the other. There is a singular technology that can transform both at the same time. Per Gartner, it is knowledge management (KM) for 2023 and beyond. The preeminent analyst firm says that KM not only improves CX and EX but also operational performance.

AI Knowledge Management: The Essential Complement to Training the Digital WorkforceAI Knowledge Management: The Essential Complement to Training the Digital Workforce

Situational knowhow is hard to impart in a traditional training class. The solution? Proactive, personalized guidance using AI technology, delivered from modern knowledge hubs. In the democast webinar, you will see a use-case for such guidance, where the capability augments the conversation of a banker with a consumer, as they assess a customer’s situation and recommend a personalized solution.

Turbocharge Employee Performance with Knowledge in the Flow of WorkTurbocharge Employee Performance with Knowledge in the Flow of Work

One of the big challenges with employee training is that humans may retain only 2 percent of what they learn just a month later. A modern knowledge hub that delivers contextually relevant information and process guidance in the flow of work complements training to transform employee effectiveness and performance. The speaker will showcase how the duo can turn employees into super-employees.

The Knowledge Imperative: Transforming Citizen ServiceThe Knowledge Imperative: Transforming Citizen Service

Transforming citizen service is among the top priorities across government agencies, yet the sector has scored the lowest in customer experience for the past several years when you look at industry benchmarks. Lack of agent knowledge and fragmented knowledge silos in agencies are a big reason, according to consumer surveys. In fact, knowledge management (KM) is the #1 technology that can simultaneously elevate customer, agent, and business experiences in 2022 and beyond, per Gartner.

Expand the Business Value of SharePoint with a Knowledge HubWebinar on Expand the Business Value of SharePoint with a Knowledge Hub

Document storage, document management, and content management systems such as SharePoint™ are designed to help content creation, approval, storage, and publishing more efficient. Enterprises have used them over the years but in the process, created disparate content haystacks. Users such as frontline agents in the contact center need to find the needle in the haystacks to answer questions or resolve a problem when the customer is on the line and that is where these systems fall short. In fact, in a Forrester Consulting survey, consumers complained about this challenge as being the biggest impediment for getting good customer service. 65% of contact center agents cited the same challenges.

The Looming Agent Experience (AX) Crisis: Understand, Avoid, and AscendWebinar on The Looming Agent Experience (AX) Crisis: Understand, Avoid, and Ascend

Agent experience (AX) and well-being is among the top priorities in contact centers, but did you know that it is in danger of slipping into a crisis? Learn what agents themselves are saying about it, and how you can avoid the crisis & elevate agent experience at the same time.

The webinar includes findings from a unique, agent-only survey conducted by BenchmarkPortal, a leading contact center benchmarking organization.

The speakers, Bruce Belfiore, CEO BenchmarkPortal, and Sam Hahn of eGain will also reveal the one big secret to taking AX—and thus CX—to the next level.

Knowledge Hubs: The Missing Ingredient in Digital Transformation

Per Gartner, poor CX has been the biggest barrier to digital transformation success. And knowledge chaos is one of the biggest deterrents to good CX and the big reason digitalization in government organizations has plateaued. The solution? Modernizing knowledge management and delivery capabilities and harmonizing knowledge silos with a hub approach.

This GovExec webinar covers the state of digital customer service and knowledge management in the public sector, shares real-world success stories, and a risk-free way to innovate with knowledge. Watch the video.

Turbocharge your CX and AX with KX (Knowledge-Guided Experience)

Gartner predicts that digital transformation initiatives will get stymied if businesses do not modernize knowledge management (KM). In fact, it recommends KM as the #1 technology to transform customer, employee, and business experiences for 2022.

In this BenchmarkPortal webinar, learn about the current state of digital experience, what’s missing from it, and why your business needs to modernize knowledge for the contact center. The speaker also shares real-world success stories from businesses that get it right.

Knowledge Hubs: Key to a Successful Digital Customer and Employee Experience

As organizations worldwide are taking on digital transformation initiatives, the modernization of knowledge management (KM) technology has become crucial. KM software plays a vital role in transforming customer, employee, and the business experiences for 2022. In this APQC KM webinar, Sam Hahn, Technology Evangelist at eGain, discusses:

  • The state of digital experience
  • The critical missing ingredient
  • Why you need a KM technology refresh
  • Knowledge hub: what, why, and how
  • Knowledge hub at work: real-world success at scale

The Broken Bank and Credit Union Sales: How to Fix, Scale, and Transform

Bank and credit union sales practices are broken. Meanwhile, customers are craving personalized guidance, with 67% of Americans not meeting their financial goals. This disconnect between customer need and sales delivery not only undermines revenue growth but also fails to deliver the ubiquitous firm mission of “helping customers reach their financial goals.”

In this Financial Brand webinar, a former big bank sales leader and current AI technology executive, Evan Siegel, details a new sales model, one that delivers personalized advice and guidance, scalable to all customers across channels.

The Secret Behind Successful Digital Transformation of Customer Engagement

Digital transformation efforts have failed in many customer service organizations since they focused on installing the pipes (channels) but not what flows through the pipes (answers/advice/content).

Knowledge Hubs that deliver enthusiastic user adoption by leveraging modular architecture, AI, analytics, and user-centric design on an open, secure platform. Learn more about the what, why, and how of knowledge hubs for successful digital transformation of customer engagement in this webinar.

The Top Trends in Knowledge Management for 2022

From the growth of cloud computing and mobile workers to the rise of new collaboration tools and intelligent search technologies, the world of KM continues to evolve and, along with it, come new challenges and opportunities.

  • Know about the top trends for 2022 in Knowledge Management in this roundtable webinar by KMWorld.
  • Also hear stories of wow in knowledge-powered customer engagement.



Leveraging AI to Improve Financial Health, with GreenPath and eGain

  • Understand the latest trends in customer behaviors regarding investment and finance preferences
  • Consider the effects of personalized financial coaching
  • Discover key behavioral science principles that impact financial decisions and positive responses to coaching
  • Evaluate in-house development of AI-powered financial industry tools versus the value of building upon a proven AI-platform
  • Set KPIs and A/B Testing parameters to meet the needs of your financial institution, no matter how large or small

Transform IVR Experiences with Digitalization and AI

We just surveyed 500 consumers to learn about their experience with IVRs when they called businesses or government agencies from their smartphones. Their experience was so miserable that a whopping 86% tried to zero out to a human contact center agent!

Businesses, on the other hand, want to improve the customer experience but without throwing away their expensive, legacy IVR systems. The solution? Modernizing the IVR with digitalization and AI. Know more from Sheila McGee-Smith, President and Principal Analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics.


Delivering Digital-First Experiences with eGain, Amazon, and Accenture

eGain for Amazon Connect includes the following key capabilities:

Its digital-first, omnichannel advisor desktop is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), knowledge, and analytics, including virtual assistance, through Amazon Alexa. eGain Analytics for Amazon Connect provides comprehensive omnichannel analytics across IVR, human-assisted voice and digital touchpoints, and customer journeys.

Why not combine the power of eGain and Amazon Connect?


Virtual Financial Coaching Automation: The New Killer Application for AI

  • How can you overcome roadblocks to implementing artificial intelligence?
  • How do you form a clear strategy to succeed in using AI?
  • What are the top trends, best practices, and real-world use-cases in using these new technologies?
  • This webinar has answers to all these and more questions.


eGain Business Value Model for Digital Engagement

Informed by over two decades of implementation experiences, data from hundreds of blue-chip clients, and insights from CX leaders, eGain has come up with a robust, yet easy, framework to model and predict the value of customer engagement initiatives. The webinar covers

  • How eGain prospects and customers have benefited from modeling the potential value of customer engagement strategies
  • How quick and easy it is to use the eGain
  • Value Model at the heart of this service
  • How you can take advantage of eGain’s unique Value Model Consultation Service
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