eGain Virtual Assistant for Agents™

What Analysts Say About eGain Solutions

84% of contact center agents hate their tools, say industry analysts.

What if you could give them proactive guidance based on what they are doing, anticipating what they are likely to need next?

eGain Virtual Assistant for Agents™ continuously monitors conversations to serve up best-practice guidance and knowledge to agents when relevant.

Sales advise process

The agent does not have to defocus from the customer conversation to search the knowledge base, nor does she have to tab to another window to get to the right procedure. Surfacing the right knowhow exactly when it is needed boosts agent adoption of company best-practices, improving agent confidence and optimizing the overall customer experience.


  • VA proactively guides, coaches, and ensures compliance
  • Provides assistance based on recognized intent and confidence
  • Zero-click experience, wakes up and provides help when it needs to
  • Leverages eGain’s AI, VA learns from its usage
  • Offers usage and improvement insights through eGain Analytics


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