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What Analysts Say About eGain Solutions

Challenges for Sales Advisors

  • Product portfolios of businesses continue to proliferate, driven by continuous innovation, which is critical to their survival. Mergers and acquisitions are also driving this trend and sales agents can barely keep up with this rate of change.
  • As the AI tsunami automates the handling of routine customer queries, service agents are left with complex questions to resolve and sales roles to take on. How can a service agent successfully transition over to sales?
  • Selling requires adaptive conversational and process knowhow, where agents are able to make ongoing adjustments to conversations, depending on how customers respond to their questions, during the course of the interaction.
  • Sales conversations need to be compliant with best practices and industry regulations.
  • Sales agents also need to nurture, coach, and motivate consumers to make a purchase after the initial conversation.

Doing it at scale is a daunting task, which can only be accomplished by process automation and agent augmentation.

The Solution: Converse, Coach, Convert

Powered by proven, award-winning AI reasoning technology, knowledge, and contextual offers, eGain Sales Advisor™ makes all your sales agents as good as your best sales agents by providing in-band conversational and process guidance.

eGain Sales Advisor enables agents to provide advice based on uncovering the needs of the customer through a dialog rather than overwhelming the customer with raw product information.

Guided advise for the financial sales advisor
Conversational guidance for sales agents

Virtual sales coach for self-service customers

Expand the benefits of the solution by extending its role in self-service. When deployed for customer self-service, it can provide the same conversational guidance to customers like a live human agent would. Moreover, the solution automates the follow-on coaching and nurturing process with virtual assistant, messaging, notifications, and analytics, all unified on the same platform for connected and consistent experiences, which will help close the sale and expand wallet share over time.


  • End-to-end solution for sales across self-service and human-assisted touchpoints from guided advice to follow-on coaching and nurturing
  • In-band, conversational and process guidance for sales, based on compliance with best practices and industry regulations, and powered by award-winning AI reasoning technology
  • In-band, conversational purchase guidance to customers, when deployed for self-service
  • Unified, connected, and consistent coaching and nurturing across customer touchpoints
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Get the engagement hub advantage
    • Knowledge everywhere
    • 360-degree customer context
    • Rich, visual analytics
    • Easy to deploy and manage


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