Email Management Software: eGain Mail™

What Analysts Say About eGain Solutions

Industry’s First Web-Based Email Management Software

eGain Mail, the leading web-based email management software for customer service, helps companies manage large volumes of customer emails and webforms responsively and effectively. When you respond to inbound inquiries promptly and professionally every time, the exceptional customer service differentiates your company from competitors immediately.
An integral part of the eGain suite for customer service, eGain Mail offers:

  • Predefined workflows to manage incoming email and webform inquiries.
  • Service level agreement (SLA) triggers to automate email routing and monitoring.
  • Intelligent parsing of the content of all inbound email queries. Ability to send auto-responses and recommend responses to agents.
  • Tracking of all customer queries.
  • Complete customer information and interaction history, across channels, to email customer service agents, enabling informed interactions.
  • Access to the centralized knowledge base that enables call center agents to accurately resolve complex inquiries and processes. The agents can also contribute to the knowledge base and capture invaluable expertise on the fly.
  • Varied collaboration options with experts within and outside the system.
  • Comprehensive analytics and real-time alarms for operational performance management

Additional modules

  • eGain Secure Message™: A secure email messaging system, that authenticates the customer before allowing the viewing of confidential information.
  • eGain Fax™: To route, track, and respond to faxes with the same infrastructure that is used to handle emails and webform submissions.

What customers say about eGain email management software

No complaints

“(…) agent team has had no complaints – normally they complain whenever they can so that’s a really good thing and it is going really well.”

A government agency in EMEA after making their first ever cloud deployment, with eGain Mail

Secure inbox

 “Being a health insurance company, you have to deliver information securely. We deal with a lot of PHI, financial information. You can’t just share that across normal channels. You have to deliver that information securely. eGain allows us to do that… We made the access to that secure inbox available through the mobile device so they could access it wherever they were.”

Business Process Manager, Fortune 500 American health insurance company

Fabulous return on investment (ROI)

eGain’s email solution is not only paying for itself by enabling cost savings for us, but also adding value to our top line.

Vice President, Internet Sales & Marketing, Replacements

Quality service

“We are proud of the quality of service we are now able to offer our customers and those who have chosen to contact us via email have given a very positive response to our new system. eGain is the bedrock of our customer service email operations.

Project Manager, London Stock Exchange-listed Energy Company

Fax management

“We have some lines of business where we have to deal with faxes, so we are able to leverage the eGain system to manage and index incoming faxes, and eliminate some of the manual work around that.”

Business Process Manager, Fortune 500 American health insurance company

We could not run that business we are operating today without the (eGain) email management capability. We take it for granted now. It’s progressed over the years, but it’s absolutely the bedrock of what we do.

Bill Hemstedt, Director, Delivery and Support, Bupa Global



100% web-based email management software enables remote and easy administration

Fine-grained control over user access, role, and permissions Immediate, scheduled, and out-of-the-box reports

Multichannel and channel-specific analytics

Widest range of deployment options — inhouse implementation, subscription-based hosted delivery, and managed services for remote administration of licensed software


Email agent

Complete customer information and interaction history, across channels, available to email customer service agents, enabling informed interactions

Automated service processes for the email channel, such as auto-replies, auto-suggestions, and auto-acknowledgements improve productivity

Web-based consoles for a range of users: Agents, supervisors and managers, business analysts, knowledge authors, programmers, and system administrators

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