IVR Analytics™

What Analysts Say About eGain Solutions
It is likely that your IVR system handles more calls end to end than any other interaction channel you might have–4x more customers use IVR than those who talk to agents. Do you know what IVR customer journeys are like? Most businesses have very little insight into IVR usage. Do you want to know things like who’s calling, what are they calling about, what is their experience when they call, what happens if they escalate?

Our IVR Analytics can tell you that and more!

eGain IVR Analytics™ empowers contact centers to easily understand customer behavior and assess customer experience inside their IVR system.

Using eGain’s interactive, business-friendly tool, analysts can visually identify bottlenecks in IVR journeys to understand root causes for abandonment and escalation. With these insights, they can optimize IVR pathways, smartly adding digital off-ramps like SMS Chat and Virtual Assistance to improve NPS and reduce service cost.

Get a dashboard view of the effectiveness of your IVR system.

View of an eGain Analytics dashboard


You can analyze customer journeys through the IVR and the points where it’s failing.

IVR journey analytics in graphical format


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