Best Practices from Gartner to deliver great customer service, powered by knowledge

Contact centers often focus on installing the pipes (channels) but not what flows through the pipes (answers/ advice/ content). No wonder customer and contact center agent experiences have been stuck in a trough for many years.

What are the seven best practices for knowledge management success so you can deliver great customer service?

According to Gartner, “the rapid creation and retrieval of relevant content and knowledge is critical to improving the overall customer experience.” However, organizations face challenges in getting it done.

Read the research note* now to know all the seven best practices that Gartner prescribes so you can deliver great customer service, powered by knowledge?

* Gartner, Delivering Relevant Content and Knowledge to Customers Is Key to Great Customer Service, Drew Kraus, Olive Huang, Gene Phifer, Jim Davies, Mick MacComascaigh, Brian Manusama, Irina Guseva, 9 April 2021

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