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Customer seeking digital customer supportCustomer support or customer service

Customer support is often used synonymously with customer service. The use of the term “support” is more prevalent in the tech sector.

Customer support software helps businesses automate and augment customer support activities. Done right, it can help improve both the customer experience and the agent experience in the customer support process.



State of customer supportCustomer support agent

Consumer satisfaction with customer support has remained stagnant over the last few years, according to the Forrester CX Index, with zero percent of companies offering “excellent” customer support (score of 85-100) and the relatively small percentage of companies offering “good” customer support declining slightly every year.

When asked by us in a survey, customers pointed to the inconsistency and lack of knowledge among agents as a reason for poor customer experiences. The inability of websites to answer customer questions was another barrier to good customer support.

How eGain transforms customer support

Award-winning software suite

eGain offers an award-winning suite for digital-first, omnichannel customer service and support, guided by AI, unified knowledge management, and connected analytics. Over the years, we have helped blue-chip brands deliver smart, connected experiences across omnichannel touchpoints.

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Flexible, risk-free implementation

eGain’s knowledge and customer engagement platform allows a start-small-and-grow approach to customer support. Start with a few apps and keep adding more, as needed. You can also try the guided, innovation consumption model of eGain Innovation in 30 Days™.

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Award-winning customer support capabilities

  • Digital self-service for customers, across age groups
  • 24×7 virtual assistants to provide intelligent self-service to website visitors
  • Real-time, interactive collaboration tools like chat, click-to-call, and cobrowsing for personalized, high-touch customer support
  • Best-of-breed software for email management and case management
  • Artificial Intelligence-enabled guidance for customers and customer support agents through the right process and next steps to the correct solution
  • Data adapters to integrate with third-party CRM and data systems


A telecom’s journey to great customer and agent experiences

3 brands, 20K articles, 4 knowledge bases. The customer support agents at this telco were struggling with inconsistent knowledge and performance variance. They implemented eGain software, rolled it out to 10,000 advisors and 600 retail stores, and saw both customer experience and agent experience improve. Hear for yourself.


Giant communications service provider transforms digital customer support with eGain

Then: A leading multi-play Communications Service Provider (CSP) embarked on a transformation journey to digitalize its customer service operation. Its agents had informed the company that they needed better connected tools—there were times when agents had to use 14 tools and multiple windows when serving a customer.

Now: With eGain, customer satisfaction has gone up by 30 NPS (Net Promoter Score) points. Agent NPS, too, has improved.