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Wonder why your product returns are up? Hint: Hot weather in Timbuktu could spur job growth in Michigan!

Link Timbuktu weather to Michigan job growth? That’s tough!

Timbuktu weather and Michigan job growth? An asset management firm claims to have such clairvoyant insights that have enabled them to maximize returns for its customers (although most 401K account holders might dispute such claims from any asset management firm these days!)

Link contact center knowledge and fewer product returns? Now, that’s easy.

The link between the ability of your contact center (and web self-service site) to effectively solve customer problems when they try to figure out how to use your product, and the rate of product returns, may not be very obvious. But, it’s not as hard to figure out as Timbuktu and Michigan! Surprisingly, many businesses don’t see this connection, and wind up eating the cost of unwarranted returns and field service truck rolls in telecom, discrete manufacturing, and related industries.

Troubleshoot issues and cut costs with customer service knowledge – here’s how

Here’s the good news. Many of our clients are using our award-winning knowledge management solution, both for agent-assisted service and self-service, to help customers troubleshoot issues, and reduce returns that have a high-cost ripple effect all the way through the reverse supply chain from the defecting customer to the objecting QA department and the supplier.

For example, a telco provider was able to reduce handset returns by 38% and a white goods manufacturer was able to save $50 M per year by reducing unnecessary truck rolls with eGain! With those kinds of savings, you can visit places that are even more historic and exotic than Timbuktu!

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