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It was two days of roller coaster emotions for the Trafalgar Square pigeons!

The pigeons were being their usual selves – happy and doing whatever they do but turned really unhappy on February 10th morning. I’d feel the same way if crowds of people invaded my space as they rushed into a nearby landmark hotel to apparently attend some hot conference. The birds didn’t particularly like the fact that no one was paying any attention to them as this all happened.

Mad about the situation, one of the attention-seekers flew into the hotel and its famous ballroom to see what the fuss was all about.

There was absolutely not an inch (or should it be mm?!) of space for the pigeon to sit – it had to hang out in the ceiling on one of the ornate chandeliers, which the pigeon didn’t quite mind.

As it started paying attention to what was happening – keynote speeches by Ashu Roy, eGain CEO, on easier customer engagement, keynote speech on digital transformation in customer service by Brian Manusama of Gartner, client and partner success stories, spirited panel discussion on digital effort, partner showcase, videos and demos on cool new technologies, client and partner award ceremony, etc., etc., the pigeon understood why people were in such a mad rush to get in.

The invaders left the area on February 11th, chanting “Digital Customer Engagement, Easy with eGain” on their way out – the pigeon found itself to be happy as it kept repeating the mantra and flew back to perch on top of Nelson’s column.

The Curious One’s excitement was so contagious that other pigeons turned into parrots, singing the same mantra.

News update: The pigeons, including the curious one, have since calmed down and turned even happier as visitors had to start paying attention to them again. After all, there won’t be another eGain World at least for a few months!

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