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Sam Jackson (and now Martin Scorsese), you are easily impressed

If your DVR has been malfunctioning lately, you might have actually seen some TV ads rather than skipping them with a vengeance. Ergo, I happened to see an ad that featured Sam Jackson, getting impressed with Siri.

Sam, I invite you to take a look at our virtual assistant (or chatbot).

Sure, Siri is a fun toy that can do some simple things—read off your iPhone calendar, tell you about the restaurants near your home in Beverly Hills, provide a voice interface to web search (the intelligence (or the lack thereof) of web search is a topic for another day!), spit out sports statistics (not sure if everyone is into sports), etc. Perhaps, you are justified in going gaga over it but if you see our purpose-driven chatbot, I think you will go “Lady Gaga” (i.e., “exponential” gaga) over it!

eGain Virtual Assistant™ is an online Siri on (legal) knowledge “steroids” with a brand-aligned face for businesses. It’s also a polyglot that can understand natural language and multitask like there’s no tomorrow, conversing with thousands of customers at the same time! The chatbot answers questions of low to moderate complexity, helping businesses reduce service costs, enable sales, deliver stand-out experiences, and build their brands. It can also push web pages to online visitors, conduct website tours, and pass the baton to a human service or sales agent with all the context intact! Moreover, it can help you wherever you hang out—business websites, mobile devices, and Facebook, with more to come.

Sam, while it can’t show emotions that only you can, it’s pretty good at reading emotions, and even showing culturally-aligned expressions!  Read about it or experience it – I guarantee that you will go “Lady Gaga” over it!

(Updated on August 9, 2019)

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