Customer Service System

What is a customer service system?

A customer service system typically refers to customer service software that helps automate and augment customer service operations. While the software is critically important, we think this definition should also include the way businesses use the software to measure, manage, and optimize their operations, and best practices for success.

What is a good customer service system?

Good customer service systems are designed to improve both customer and customer service agent experiences. The best, like eGain, use artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and reasoning engine to automate customer interactions where possible, and augment agent productivity where the issue is too complex for automation. These systems combine technology with proven best practices for optimum results. Supported by knowledge and analytics, and integrated with CRM, ecommerce, and other systems, the best customer service systems deliver complete experiences that delight, consistently, and at scale.

eGain customer service system transforms experiences

eGain offers an award-winning suite for digital-first, omnichannel customer service and support, guided by AI, unified knowledge management, and connected analytics. Over the years, we have helped blue-chip brands deliver smart, connected experiences across omnichannel touchpoints.

Our offerings also include a novel, risk-free consumption model, quick value services, and best practices for success.

Blue-chip companies across industries such as banking and financial services, telco, retail, government, branded manufacturing, and many other B2C sectors have used our system to transform customer service.

Case studies in how blue-chip companies use customer service systems for exceptional CX

Telco giant enables 10,000 agents and associates in 600 retail stores to use the eGain customer service system and immediately improves NPS by 30 points.

One of the biggest American global telecommunications conglomerate adopted the eGain customer service system to deliver easy digital experiences, to consumers and agents.

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