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“Data and analytics combined with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will be paramount in the effort to predict, prepare and respond in a proactive and accelerated manner to a global crisis and its aftermath.”


Analyze. Optimize. / Optimize Customer Journeys and Experience

Analytics hubMeasure

Know what is and what is not working for your customers, agents, and business.

  • What are the high effort points?
  • What are the demand patterns of failure and demand patterns for your products?
  • What are consumers looking for?

Across voice and digital

  • Aggregate data from your voice system, the contact center, unified communications (UC) environment, the IVR system, and digital channels like live chat, email, social, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, and others
  • With out of the box connectors to Cisco, Avaya, and Amazon Connect
  • Drill down into the data


  • Customer journey analytics
  • Channel analytics
  • Knowledge analytics
  • Operational analytics


  • Apply those insights to improve customer service and contact center operations

Apply Machine Learning Service for insights to drive the future

  • Learn from your engagement with customers



Easy to use and learn for end users. Provides the reporting capabilities needed to do the job. Interface is straight forward and easy to understand.

Business Operations Specialist at a $30B Energy and Utilities firm

Analytics Apps to Transform Customer Engagement

eGain Analytics

Journey | Digital | Knowledge | Operational

Operational Analytics™

Empowers the business to measure and manage the call center directly and without IT involvement

Knowledge Analytics™

Provides insight for eGain’s knowledge and AI applications

Digital Analytics™

Measures contact center performance within eGain’s digital channel applications

Journey Analytics™

Captures customer behavior on the website—identify the churn points and create a customer experience that will drive up sales and reduce contacts

eGain Machine Learning Service

The Machine Learning or ML Service takes your analytics capability into the future, allowing your team to get insights.

  • Know how to monetize, create value out of the existing data
  • Know how to work around and create solutions for bottlenecks
  • Learn to optimize knowledge and processes
  • Predict conversations over time