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Webinar | Making Next-Gen Contact Center Agents Successful

It is clear—consumers and your customer service agents belong to the next generation, whether they are millennials or increasingly Gen Z. Millennials grew up digital and Gen Z were literally born digital, and they bring their habits to the contact center.

Next-gen agents don’t like to carry information in their heads, preferring instead to “look it up” for answers. They wouldn’t have a clue about Thomas’ Guide or AAA’s maps, so they are not going to look at your process documents. Their attention span, small as it is, has been declining over time. On the flip side, consumers are getting a lot more answered through self-service, so your agents are going to get more complex questions, while your products and customer touchpoints continue to proliferate.

How do you make your agents successful in this new smarter, digital world? Register now for the upcoming eGain-Forrester webinar featuring Forrester to find out! The webinar will also feature the findings of a brand new multinational survey of contact center agents about their biggest pain points when the customer is on the line.

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