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From Silos to Social-Blended Multichannel Customer Experiences: A Seven Step Roadmap for Success

Doing social customer service well

Social customers have turned the balance of power in customer service interactions around. They are using the aggregate power of online communities to notify organizations that they are not going to put up with bad service or lack of insight. While a very small proportion are still ignoring the phenomenon, most customer-facing organizations have gone into a frenzy of new initiatives to restore balance to the transactions. Either way, most are at a loss as to what to do.

How can your business deal properly with social channels and new customer requirements? How can you launch your social initiative that is in tune with your company’s broader customer service strategy?

Authored by Esteban Kolsky, thinkJar principal, former Gartner analyst, and social media guru, this whitepaper provides a seven step roadmap that can be your guide to creating a socially-blended omnichannel customer service.