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Contact Center and Web Customer Experience Megatrends and Next Practices

Ride out the wave

These are interesting times for contact center and web customer experience executives. As the rise of the Internet (and now, mobile Internet) and social networks collide with forces of globalization, contact centers are having a face-off with challenging new trends — ranging from the dramatic migration of most phone business to the Web in some industries (almost 80% of retail trades are now conducted over the web in brokerage firms) to the high-profile outsourcing of agent positions to low-cost countries. To add to it, CxOs are redefining expectations from their contact center operations as they seek to build competitive advantage through distinctive customer service.

This white paper brings together the megatrends transforming contact centers and web customer experience organizations today. These megatrends aren’t going anywhere and therefore present unique opportunities to add strategic value to your business, reposition yourself, gain visibility, and turbo-charge your career.