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eGain Survey helps contact centers, eCommerce sites, and customer portals connect with their customers in a vital and immediate way by conducting web surveys and eliciting feedback at various points of contact. It enables them to measure and improve the quality of service across all interaction channels, thereby maximizing customer retention.

eGain Survey improves customer retention by helping gauge customer satisfaction in real time. Most of all, it gives businesses the ability to effectively interact with and listen to their most valuable customers. The entire process is automated with the help of the eGain Workflow Engine, which presents a feedback form to the customer and then processes the response based on predefined workflows.

The eGain feedback management tool will help you:

  • Connect with your most valuable customers
  • Fine-tune service operations and improve service quality
  • Increase customer satisfaction and maximize customer retention



Survey Initiation Workflow selects customers for the survey randomly or based on specific criterion

Feedback Form can be customized to match the rest of the website

The Feedback Manager Workflow processes the form end to end

Generates customer satisfaction scores for individual agents

Manages and tracks all submissions, updating customer records and generating alarms and notifications for further action

Automatically routes the response according to customer value

Automatic notifications are sent to agents and supervisors