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eGain for Cisco Unified CCX

The days of phone-only customer service are long gone. Your customers want choice. They want to be able to call, email, chat, and even find answers on their own. As for you, in today’s hypercompetitive environment, customer service is the only sustainable differentiator. Delivering memorable customer experiences is, therefore, both an imperative as well as an opportunity. That is the reason why leading companies have started to transform their contact centers into customer engagement hubs that enable better customer experiences while reducing support costs.

Deliver memorable experiences at every customer touch point. Grow your contact center into a knowledge-powered multichannel customer engagement hub

If you already have Cisco Unified Contact Center Express installed in your contact center and are looking to quickly add more interaction channels, eGain is the right solution for you. The Cisco-eGain solution provides pre-integrated, best-in-class functionality across phone and web channels for world-class customer service and rapid return on investment (ROI). It gives you a multichannel customer engagement hub (CEH) where resources such as knowledge, workflows and business rules, customer information and interaction history, users, and reports are common and used by all interaction channels. A CEH is a win-win for you and your customers—you have to set up infrastructure just once for all channels; customers get the same high-quality service at every touch point.

eGain is the industry’s only unified customer service and knowledge management software suite. Rated #1 by analysts and trusted by leading companies worldwide, eGain helps businesses engage, acquire, and serve customers through multiple interaction channels. It offers modular, best-of-breed applications built on a one-of-a-kind customer engagement hub platform, eGain CEH™ Platform, which provides 360-degree customer context and actionable knowledge to enhance every customer interaction.

Applications in eGain for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express include:

  • eGain Case Manager for enabling case management for phone calls. It includes the ability to offer callback options to website visitors.
  • eGain KnowledgeAgent for enabling knowledge portals for agents.
  • eGain Chat for enabling agents to offer chat assistance on websites and mobile devices. It includes the ability to push web pages to the customer.
  • eGain Mail for effectively handling large volumes of customer emails and web form submissions. It includes support for SMS and fax inquiries.
  • eGain SelfService for setting up web self-service portals for customers.