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Knowledge Management (KM) for Contact Center Customer Service: What and Why

Knowledge Management: The What

Knowledge management (KM) in the context of contact center customer service refers not only to content management and findability of answers in that content or knowledge base, all in the context of a customer query, but also many other things.

  • Conversational guidance and process knowhow to resolve a customer problem or give value-added advice to a customer, compliant with best practices and industry regulations. eGain uses proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) reasoning technology to guide customers and agents.
  • Analyzing and optimizing the scope and effectiveness of the knowledge base and the paths to answers and problem resolution.

Knowledge Management: The Why

Customers go to websites or reach out to contact centers to get answers and get their problems resolved or goals accomplished.

You need knowledge to deliver those answers.

While there are some subject matter experts who may know it all, your self-service systems and most contact center agents need contextual knowledge, and conversational and process guidance at the points of interactions with customers. Moreover, millennial and Gen Z agents would rather just “look up” the knowledge base or get guided to answers rather than try to remember everything. They hate to sit in training sessions, preferring to get on-the-job guidance just like GPS guidance for driving. A best-in-class knowledge management system can do just that.

eGain knowledge management transforms customer service

  • Also infused with AI and analytic insight, eGain’s knowledge management capability for contact center customer service and engagement is second to none.
  • A pioneer in this domain, eGain brings technology and two decades of experience in the trenches to bring proven best practices for success.

Business value of knowledge management

  • Mobile network carrier  implemented knowledge management with guidance to 10,000 contact center agents. Associates in 550 retail stores also got the knowledge + AI system. The results were transformational: 
    • First-Contact Resolution up by 37%
    • NPS up 20%
    • Training time down 43%
    • Agent speed to competency up 50%
  • Another telco reduced unwarranted “No Fault Found” handset returns and exchanges by 38% with knowledge and AI-guided problem resolution in the contact center and on the website.
  • A water utilities client saved ~$5M per year by reducing unnecessary engineer callouts, while improving FCR by 30%!
  • A global banking client soared to #1 in customer service NPS and reduced training time by 50%, even as it expanded to 11 countries with mostly novice agents in its workforce.

Knowledge Management: Transformational case studies

Global bank achieves the holy grail of customer service: All agents, all calls

This global bank had a simple strategy for success: To become the #1 bank in customer satisfaction surveys in 18 months, even as it completed its expansion across 11 countries within a year. 

Knowledge is fundamental to this telecom’s customer service transformation

Hear the transformation story.

Want to transform customer service?