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Knowledge Management System for Customer Service

Knowledge vs Content

If you have ever wondered why your people, internal and customer facing, aren’t able to find information at the time of need, the answer lies in your (lack of a) knowledge management system. The various systems in an organization — content management (CM), document management (DM), even SharePoint — don’t enable users to find the right information at the right time. While these systems are good at organizing and publishing content, they are poor at knowledge findability. And we believe that content isn’t knowledge till you can find and use it.

Do your customer service contact center agents have a 20-pound brain?


If not, you need a proven knowledge management system as your guide

Your customer engagement strategy needs a proven, Artificial Intelligence-enabled knowledge management system to succeed. eGain’s awarded knowledge software ensures that your knowledge is indexed and searchable, that it’s findable at the time of need, and that the content is reused optimally across channels and touchpoints. It allows users — authors, supervisors, agents — to collaborate on knowledge creation and maintenance. Hundreds of blue-chip companies have transformed their customer service operations with eGain’s knowledge management system.

Knowledge + Artificial Intelligence is more than a 30-pound brain

eGain Knowledge+AI for customer service contact center agents (and for customers in self-service sessions) is powered by Case-Based Reasoning, an expert AI system for superior knowledge findability. The capability eliminates the need for your agents to have 20 or 30-pound brains! Instead it guides users through an interactive dialog-based Q&A session to the desired outcomes — whether it’s the right diagnosis of a complex and technical issue, the next best step in a transaction, or an industry-compliant right answer.

In short, your contact center organization can achieve the customer service holy grail of All Agents, All Calls!

Federate information from multiple sources for the right answer

Content, a lot of them unstructured, resides in multiple sources that are external to your knowledge management system, including in any social media pages, communities, and forums you are managing. eGain’s knowledge management (KM) system enables you to plug into various data repositories — CM, CRM, legacy knowledge systems — through data adapters to federate content. And eGain Knowledge APIs provide customer service agents with relevant knowledge at the right time.

Analyze to ensure customer service success

Keep track of knowledge usage by your agents in the contact center. Assess knowledge success and effectiveness at every stage and customer touchpoint. The embedded analytics capability in eGain’s knowledge management system measures knowledge article use. It ensures that supervisors and knowledge authors are kept in the loop with a dashboard view of knowledge metrics and regular reports.