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ABN AMRO & eGain profiled in Aberdeen’s 2001 Top 10 CRM report

SUNNYVALE, Calif, March 11, 2002 – Powered by eService software from eGain Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: EGAN), ABN AMRO’s CashPro® Web has been included in Aberdeen’s prestigious report, “Top Ten Significant CRM Applications for 2001.” A product of ABN AMRO Services Company and offered to ABN AMRO’s U.S. customers through its affiliates LaSalle Bank in Chicago and Standard Federal Bank in Michigan, CashPro® is built using the eGain eService Enterprise (E3) solution. CashPro Web is an innovative, browser-based electronic banking platform for treasury management products and services.

“Each year, Aberdeen Group searches the CRM industry for particularly noteworthy CRM implementations to publicize in our top ten list,” said Kent Allen, senior research director, Aberdeen Group. “In 2001 the industry emphasis was on return on investment. ABN AMRO’s partnership with eGain stood out as an innovative and high-impact approach to serving a very demanding clientele base that routinely faces mission-critical financial decisions.”

The impact of eGain’s E3 solution at ABN AMRO and its affiliates LaSalle Bank and Standard Federal Bank has been significant. Designed to provide quick, thorough answers to inquiries from middle market and large corporate treasury management staff, the multi-channel solution now handles roughly 5,000 e-mails, 3,000 chat sessions and 3,000 virtual agent sessions per month. In addition to high volume e-mail management (with a target live response time of 15 minutes), chat and co-browsing, the E3 solution boasts a virtual agent.

The agent, dubbed RITA for Real-time Internet Technical Assistant, is a favorite of CashPro Web’s customers. It provides access to knowledge from a variety of sources via an interface that is empowered with facial expressions along with text responses to questions, and boasts a 96% accuracy and resolution rate. In the event of failure, the system alerts a live agent who provides a call-back within fifteen minutes. Failure is defined as a session that lasts more than fifteen minutes or that includes the same question (with phrasing variants) three times.

RITA provides a practical, natural-language mode for busy people to get the information they need. Moreover, RITA provides the “wow” factor that helps differentiate ABN AMRO, LaSalle Bank, and Standard Federal Bank in a market characterized by look-alike products and services.

As ABN AMRO Services Company First Vice President and Head of Electronic Banking Solutions Milton Santiago puts it, “Overall, the top 10 banks in the world offer the same products. We’re using eGain as a strategic partner to rise above the noise and to leverage CashPro Web’s online customer service as a competitive advantage.”

Obviously, a unique interface would not be of value unless it operated at RITA’s extremely high level of performance. Says Santiago, “The people we work with are financial managers charged with efficiently managing the company’s cash in accordance with its strategic objectives. Timely access to information regarding their day-to-day treasury management activities is a key component in making sound financial decisions – – decisions that have a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. These individuals have a very low tolerance for pain.”

To help manage the outbound aspect of customer interactions, ABN AMRO Services Company uses eGain Campaign, eGain’s outbound email product. Through eGain Campaign, ABN AMRO, LaSalle Bank and Standard Federal are able to send their treasury management customers timely information ranging from product enhancements/upgrades, user tips, reminders regarding critical deadlines and other valuable information.

The decision to implement the E3 solution from eGain was initially driven by a customer survey that revealed growing customer interest in a self-service banking channel. In addition, customers who traveled often had access to only one telephone line, necessitating that they disconnect, dial a customer service representative, and then reconnect to the web, a process that was both tedious and time-consuming.


Netherlands-based ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is one of the world’s largest banks with total assets of EUR 614.6 billion and a presence in more than 3,500 locations in over 70 countries and territories. ABN AMRO is organized into three autonomous strategic business units, responsible for managing wholesale clients; consumer and commercial clients; and private clients and asset management. In North America, ABN AMRO is headquartered in Chicago and has nearly $90 billion in assets. Subsidiaries include LaSalle Bank in Chicago, Standard Federal Bank N.A. in Michigan.

About eGain Communications Corporation

eGain (Nasdaq: EGAN) is a leading provider of eService software. Selected by 24 of the 50 largest global companies to improve phone and Web-based customer service, eGain solutions increase service efficiency and customer retention – thus delivering a significant return on investment (ROI). eGain eService Enterprise – the company’s integrated software suite – includes applications for email management, Web collaboration and self-service, and enterprise-wide knowledge management. eGain has an operating presence in 18 countries and serves more than 800 enterprise customers worldwide – including Vodafone, DaimlerChrysler, and ABN AMRO Bank. To learn more about eGain, please visit or call the company’s offices – United States: (888) 603-4246; London: +44 (0) 1753 464646; or Sydney: +612 9492 5400.

About Aberdeen Group

Since 1988, Aberdeen has been a leader in providing market analysis and positioning services hat help business technology suppliers meet the challenge of establishing leadership in fast-changing markets. Aberdeen is headquartered in Boston, MA, and has research centers in Palo Alto, CA, Fort Collins, CO and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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