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Best practice advice: Choose the right software for email management

Threadfellows’ CX transformation journey with eGain, in their words

“Customer experience is foundational in our business,” says Carl Atwell of Threadfellows. “We had a problem in that area, and that’s really where we reached out to eGain.”

Why did he call Outlook™ a black hole?

“The customer is there, either contacting us via email or in phone calls. So much of that valuable communication was going directly into Outlook. It was a black hole, a black hole in terms of there’s so much valuable stuff there, but we don’t even actually understand what it is. And it was creating a real void. There was all this communication that was happening before it ever went into order management, but because it was happening in Outlook, we had no data. And without data, we really struggled to solve the problem.”

And eGain helped Threadfellows de-risk their investment in customer service and transform customer experience.